2 Common Issues With A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals offer the convenience of grinding up food leftovers so you don't have to scrape plates into the trash any longer. It can also prevent clogs in the sink when you don't scrape your plates enough and food ends up going down a drain that doesn't have a disposal. Along with this convenience, there will come a time when you run into an issue with this appliance. Read on for a few common issues that you may have with your disposal and how to repair them. [Read More]

3 Indicators Of A Refrigerator Compressor In Need Of Repair

A refrigerator does not exactly have special powers. Instead, there is a powerful component located inside the unit that helps keep your food cool, and it is known as the compressor. Although you do not see the compressor, its level of importance in your refrigerator's function is unquestionable. As a result, when the compressor fails — it must be repaired quickly. Learn about some of the scenarios that often mean the compressor requires some attention. [Read More]

Still Using Window Units? Why You Need To Invest In Central Air Conditioning

If you heat your home with a forced-air heating system, but you cool your home with window units, it's time for an upgrade. Window unit air conditioners may work well for small areas. However, when it comes to the cooling capacity of a central air conditioning system, window units simply can't compete. Before you postpone it for another year, take a look at four of the reasons why you need to have a new central air conditioner installed this year. [Read More]