Garbage Disposal Repairs Needed For A Jammed Impeller

It's fairly common for garbage disposals to jam up. If you still have the wrench that came with your disposal, you can use it to try to fix the problem yourself. If you can't get your disposal working properly, you can call an appliance repair service for help. Here are signs of a jammed disposal and how this garbage disposal repair is done. 

When To Suspect Your Disposal Is Jammed

A sign your garbage disposal is jammed is hearing a humming noise when you turn the disposal on. Plus, the disposal won't operate properly. It may process food slowly and drain slowly. The disposal may cause water or food to fly up in the sink.

Running your disposal when it's jammed could cause the reset button to trigger and your disposal to quit working. It's also possible you could burn out the motor. Once the motor is burned out, repairs won't be possible, and you'll need a new disposal. That's why you should call a garbage disposal repair professional as soon as your disposal malfunctions.

How A Garbage Disposal Is Repaired

If your disposal has stopped working, the repair person may start by pressing the reset button so they can listen to the disposal and see if the reset button is triggered again. After unplugging the unit, the repair person may try to loosen the jam by using a garbage disposal wrench to move the impeller back and forth.

The repair person may need to alternate using the wrench with using a tool through the top of the drain that can work the jam loose. They may use a hex key to move the blades back and forth through the top of the drain or use a tool to pry a stuck bit of food loose so it can pass through.

If the jam is caused by a mass of food, it may take time to break it up bit by bit. The repair person will probably run water through the disposal at the same time so the water can help flush out the food clog.

Once the impeller turns freely, the garbage disposal repair person can reset the disposal and test it to make sure it's functioning properly again and that the motor still hasn't burned out.

If you're careful about what you put in your garbage disposal, you can prevent problems with a jammed impeller. If you still have your owner's manual, you may want to read up on how to use and care for your disposal properly so you can prevent problems. When you use a garbage disposal every day, it's inconvenient when it's out of service, so proper care is important.

Contact a garbage disposal repair service to learn more.