Is Your Refrigerator Not Keeping Food as Cool as it Once Did? 4 Tips to Correct the Problem

If your fridge is not keeping food as cool as it once did, you likely want to find the problem and correct it. If you fail to do so in a timely manner, your fridge may eventually lose the ability to cool any of your food, causing it to spoil. Here are a few steps to follow to hopefully find and correct the problem.

Ensure Your Temperature Dial is Correctly Set

The majority of refrigerators have a temperature setting that allows you to control the temperature of a fridge. In older fridges, this may be a dial located inside the door frame of the fridge. In newer fridges, this may be a setting on the electronic display pad. Regardless, someone may have accidentally changed the temperature setting or bump the dial and increased it. If your fridge is not adequately cooling, the first thing you will want to do is ensure the temperature setting is correct and has not been changed.

Check to See if Food is Blocking The Flow of Air Into the Fridge

Once you have ensured that the temperature settings are correct, you will want to ensure that food or containers are not blocking the flow of air into the fridge. Containers and food should not be pressed up against the back of the fridge. This can block the flow of cold air into your fridge. If you have any containers pressed up directly against the back of the fridge, you will want to move them to allow cold air to flow into your fridge and cool everything else down.

Make Sure the Door is Properly Closing

If your fridge is still not cooling down correctly, you will want to ensure that the door is closing properly. It should seal shut when you close the door. If it doesn't seem to be shutting, or you notice holes in the seal, the seal will need to be replaced. A hole in the seal or a seal that is worn and doesn't securely hold the door in place allows cool air to seep out.

Clean Your Condensors

The last thing you can do on your own if our fridge is not cooling down is to clean the condensors. Use the furniture attachment on your vacuum and clean the condensor grills on the front bottom of your fridge and the back of your fridge. These airs can become filled with dirt and dust, which prevents them from pulling in air as they should or cooling down air. Removing all the dirt and dust build up can help them function properly again.

If your fridge is not cooling food properly, you will want to work to resolve the issue before it worsens. If you have ensured the temperature settings are correct, food is not blocking the flow of air, the door seals properly and you have cleaned your condensors, it may be time to call in a refrigerator repair company. They can help determine what the cause of the problem is and correct it.